Eduvince is a brand of IDigitalPreneur Pvt Ltd. Eduvince - The new universe of learning curated with a mission to connect different types of learners- the new age learner, the easily bored learner, the experienced learner, the parent who wants to be a student once again, the executives who wants to adapt to digital learning experience, catering learners from all over India at one place.The beginners to the experts who wants to restart their careers will find something meaningful for themselves in this new universe of learning.

If you are an educator, instructor, trainer, content creator who expertise in any field, and can help a learner advance in their career through your expertise, this platform gives you a ready universe to share your experience, learning through pre recorded courses, webinars, live sessions etc to cater your content services to the market.

We give a chance to list your content service/product in the form of pre-recorded video courses, masterclass, live webinars etc on our platform.We welcome beginners, who want to launch their course for the first time and also all the trainers, course creators who are already selling their courses or content services elsewhere in the market. We will help you solve your problems at every stage from creation to execution and help you reach out to your learners & scale your service.

Build your 4 pillars of life

Emotional Quotient, Implementation Quotient, Creative Quotient,Financial Quotient by learning skills from a variety of niches. Skill Up & Choose Your Future Now.



You have a skill and you love to train & educate people,share your content service/ product. Scale your service digitally & Choose Your Future Now.

What our students say

“My Experience with Blockbuster Sunday Special was fantabulous, in such short span such amazing audience and kind of energy the audience gave back to me as speaker helped me to deliver my best. The timings were for 45 minutes whereas audience was not ready to leave meeting even after 75 minutes. We are very excited to collaborate with vibrant team of IDigitalPreneur, The passion is visible in each and every team member of IDigitalPreneur. We are very confident that this is going to be the Best Decision ever taken. Sure to Succeed on our plans with IDigitalPreneur as they are the Best in what they Do 👍👍.”
media Gurnandan Singh

Founder Head N Heart, Shark Tank India Finalist

“Recently I took a Sunday blockbuster session and I was elated to see 300+ plus learners on Sunday evening. IDigitalPreneur coordinated the event smoothly to give best value to it's students. Now I am coming up with more courses in collaboration with IDigitalPreneur. I am excited for the courses as I believe more students will get benefit from this platform. My best wishes in the onward and upward journey of IDigitalPreneur.”
media Deepak Taunk

Ex Wealth Manager, YouTuber- Early Financial Azadi

“Thank you so much IDigitalPreneur for such a fantastic session with students on blockbuster Sunday. Session was fantastic. Students were very excited and they stayed till end of the session. I am very excited to launch my courses of C language and java on the IDigitalPreneur. Team is enthusiastic and dynamic. They are doing best.”
media Manoj Kr Chaudhary

.Net Developer, 15 yrs+ as a Trainer

“Hello My whole journey with IDIGITALPRENEUR had been amazing. I hosted a Blockbuster Sunday Special Session on a topic for Carousel designing, I was so Amazed to see such a good number of audience attending the session and people in IDP are so welcoming and helpful. I am Thankful they approached me and saw potential in me. And I am on cloud 9 to collaborate and launch my course with EDU Vince. I thank IDigitalPreneur for giving me the opportunity to share my work and expertise.

media Revati

Canva Coach

“My experience as a host in the Blockbuster Sunday Special was thrilling, to say the least. I was nervous before presenting since the subject matter is not commonly discussed. However, with the response that I received during the event, in terms of the number of people who attended and the experiences that they shared, made me feel confident. The attendees gave an overall positive response and were excited to learn about factors impacting mental health. This makes me feel even more enthusiastic about my upcoming course, since I am now aware how these youngsters are keen on learning and making use of their skills in their real lives. I am glad I could be a part of their learning journey.”
media Amarpreet

Pyschologist, Founder- The Talk Room