2022 Updated Profitable Facebook Ads Method Course

This course tells that how Facebook Ads works & How will Facebook Ads helps in increasing sales

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Skills you will get

Top 4 Highly In Demand Skills that are taught in this course.

  • course_icon Strategy Working

    Learn TOF, MOF and BOF strategy for multiplying your business.

  • course_icon Business Scaling

    Learn Horizontal and Vertical Scaling for your business.

  • course_icon Lead Generation

    Be a pro and master lead generation for never ending leads flow.

  • course_icon Money Making

    The process to understand how to begin your freelancing journey and make constant money out of it.

Course program:

All course - 6 ( 1.5 Hours)

In this course, you will learn absolutely everything about Facebook Ads. - From the introduction to creating a proper structure. - From Ad account creation to the tools you can use. - From verifying your domain to launching your 1st FB lead Generation Ad. This one course comprises the hard-learned journey of Mr. Aryan Tripathi of how he made a company worth Rs. 10 Crores at the age of just 18 years. All you need to do is start watching the course and try to understand the dynamics of growth potential.

  • Unit 1st

    15 Minutes

    Brief Introduction

    This unit will give you a personal insight about instructors personal recommendation of tools and an overview about the entire course.

    Total Videos 2

  • Unit 2nd

    20 Minutes

    Structure and Scaling

    In this unit you will be guided step by step about Facebook Ads Structure. Not only this later on in the course we will learn about horizontal and Vertical Scaling. This two video unit will help you take big steps in your further journey of FB Ads.

    Total Videos 2

  • Unit 3rd

    8 Minutes

    Pixel and details

    In this unit you will learn important things like what is pixel, you will also learn how to create pixels and how this will impact your FB ads career.

    Total Videos 2

  • Unit 4th

    41 Minutes

    Ads Support and Campaigns

    In this unit we will learn about Facebook Ads Support in detail and will also learn how to run our first Ads Conversion campaign. Which will take us forward to our first lead generation Ads Campaign.

    Total Videos 3

  • Unit 5th

    40 Minutes

    Extended Guidance

    This Unit will help us learn important things like retargeting, understanding the audience, and a very important video “Dark and Black Secrets”.

    Total Videos 3

  • Unit 6th

    37 Minutes

    Possibilities and Money Making

    This unit will talk about possibilities that we can discover while practicing FB Ads and Mr. Aryan is going to share with you all a very special and personalized action plan to make more than a Lakh Rupees through Facebook Ads.

    Total Videos 2

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