Canva Mastery

This canva course is a thorough framework that will guide you through the process of becoming an expert canva graphics designer

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Skills you will get

Top 4 Highly In Demand Skills that are taught in this course.

  • course_icon Creative designing

    Learn how to create various graphic designs for different platforms

  • course_icon Creativity

    You will improve your creativity after completing the course.

  • course_icon Freelancing

    Learn how to freelance your graphic designing skill

  • course_icon Content Writing

    The ability to write clearly, concisely, and persuasively is essential for creating a strong LinkedIn profile.

  • course_icon Canva

    Learn to create visuals of your book

Course program:

All course - 7 ( 8 Hours)

After the completion of this course you will learn the introduction about Canva Design, Basic of Graphic Design, Canva Brand kit & its features, how to create design for instagram, Youtube & other social media Platform. You will also learn how to monetize your canva designing skills by the use of freelancing platforms.

  • Unit 1st

    1 hour 10 Minutes

    Introduction to Canva (dashboard tour & core elements)

    In this unit we have discussed Canva designs, Canva licenses, Canava dashboard tour, important elements of Canva, Understanding different text effects in canva, how to remove background from images, key skills to master canva graphic designs.

    Total Videos 8

  • Unit 2nd

    50 Minutes

    Design Principles & Basics of graphic designs

    This unit includes the importance of graphic designing, all about typography & Fonts, How to choose font combinations, understanding all about colors, how to choose color palettes & common graphic designs mistakes to avoid.

    Total Videos 8

  • Unit 3rd

    1 hr 5 Minutes

    Canva Brand Kit & important features

    You will learn about Understanding Canva Brand Kit, Page Transparency, Positioning & TidyUp Feature, Some Important Canva Shortcuts, How to add Clickable links in PDF, How to generate a QR code on Canva, How to find Illustrations and Icons using keywords, How to apply filter to view only free elements and photos, How to add your brand color filters while searching elements or photos, Quick Recap & Deconstruction of Inbuilt Template

    Total Videos 9

  • Unit 4th

    1 hr 6 Minutes

    Designing graphics for Instagram

    In this unit we have discussed how to plan Instagram Grid on Canva, Instagram Profile Picture, How to create Instagram Bio Link website, How to create Instagram Highlights, How to create Engaging Story Posts for Instagram, Create Listicles and Checklists for Instagram, How to create Quote and Twitter Style Post, How to create Infographic Post, How to use Bitmoji in Canva.

    Total Videos 8

  • Unit 5th

    1hr 15 Minutes

    Seamless Carousel designing mastery

    This unit describes Importance of Carousels, Understanding different Size Ration for Carousel, How to use AIM method to design Carousels, Let's Design A Seamless Carousel, How to Split your Seamless Carousel, How to recreate Carousels using inbuilt Templates, Common Carousel Designing Mistakes.

    Total Videos 7

  • Unit 6th

    36 Minutes

    Social media graphics mastery

    Here we learn How to create Profile picture and Cover for Facebook, How to create Profile Picture and Banner for LinkedIn, How to create YouTube Display Picture and Channel Art, How to create YouTube Thumbnails.

    Total Videos 4

  • Unit 7th

    1hr 10 Minutes

    All about freelancing & getting high ticket clients

    You will learn Introduction to Freelancing, Multiple ways to earn money with Canva Skills, How to price & package your services, How to get clients through multiple sources, All About Client Onboarding & Getting Payments.

    Total Videos 5

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