Fundamentals of Python?

In this course you will learn the basic fundamentals of Python or a Data Science expert using python to analyze your data.

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Skills you will get

Top Highly In Demand Skills that are taught in this course.

  • course_icon Object Oriented programming

    OOP concepts such as classes, objects, and inheritance

  • course_icon Game development

    Learn basic of developing a game

  • course_icon Programming Concepts

    Learn Basic programming concepts such as variables, loops, and functions

  • course_icon Python

    Learn Writing and executing basic Python scripts

Course program:

All course - 7 ( 3.5 Hours)

This course will help you accomplish your goals and going to Master the Features of Python Language, Install Python, Execute your first python program, Learn various simple types as well as collection types lists and tuples, Work on various Use Cases to apply you Python knowledge, Define logic using conditional statements ,looping constructs, Use the different types of operators, See the input and output functions in action, Create and use functions.

  • Unit 1st

    28 Minutes

    Introduction Of Python

    In this unit you will know about the content that will be covered in this course. It includes what is Python, Why Python, where Python is used, Python developer salary in India, how to install Python IDLE on your system, Google Colab, what is Indentation & how to use it.

    Total Videos 7

  • Unit 2nd

    15 Minutes

    Data Types In Python

    This unit mainly discusses Data types- what is Data type, kinds of data type-None, Numeric, Sequence, Sets, Mapping, List, Complex data type . We have also discussed what are Keywords and Identifiers, Rules for Identifier etc.

    Total Videos 3

  • Unit 3rd

    48 Minutes

    Sequence Type Of Python

    In this unit we will tell you about Sequence Datatypes. It includes collections of Python. After that we have discussed how strings are created, Indexing & Slicing in String, Parameter of Slicing, Tuples, Dictionary, Mutable & Immutable.

    Total Videos 9

  • Unit 4th


    Operators, Output & Input Function

    In this unit we will discuss about operators basic to advance- what are operators, how to use operators, Output functions- print, how to use it, what is Input function, use of input function etc.

    Total Videos 3

  • Unit 5th

    40 Minutes

    Flow Control

    This unit explains what is flow control, where can we use Flow control including If- else conditions, Practical example of If- else, while statement, practical example of while statement, For statement, practical example of For statement, what are Break & Continue and its examples.

    Total Videos 8

  • Unit 6th

    20 Minutes


    In this unit you will learn about some user defined functions, importance of User defined functions, how ro revoke the function & parameters, what are return values, How to return value from any function, what are local & global variables.

    Total Videos 4

  • Unit 7th

    16 Minutes

    Project- Rock, Paper, Scissor

    This unit consist of a basic project on Rock, Paper, Scissor Game

    Total Videos 1

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