Google Ads MasterClass- All Campaign Builds & Features

In this course you will learn everything about Google Ads.We have created video lessons on every campaign and every feature of Google Ads. You will get to see the real practical implementation of how to create each and every campaign and how to use every feature of this product.

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Skills you will get

Top 4 Highly In Demand Skills that are taught in this course.

  • course_icon Lead Generation

    Be a pro and master lead generation for never ending leads flow.

  • course_icon Money Making

    The process to understand how to begin your freelancing journey and make constant money out of it.

  • course_icon Campaign management

    Setting up and managing campaigns, including setting budgets and monitoring performance.

  • course_icon Google Ads

    Learn about Google Ads platform, how it works.

  • course_icon Data Analytics

    The ability to collect, organize, and analyze large amounts of data

Course program:

All course - 22 ( 10 Hours)

This is the most detailed course on Google Ads you will ever find on the internet. I have created different sections based on different topics of Google Ads and in each section, I have gone in-depth into explaining the concept of each feature and how to practically implement it in Google Ads.This course will give you a 100% understanding of Google Ads and after going through this course you will be capable of applying these concepts in building your own online business or handling Google Ads accounts of your clients.

  • Unit 1st

    55 Minutes

    Google Ads overview

    In this unit you will learn about Google Ads overview, where google ads appear, Google Ads account setup, Google Ads auctions, Google network, Ad rank, quality score, account structure, Google Ads metrics, Search Campaign creation etc.

    Total Videos 4

  • Unit 2nd

    35 Minutes

    Introduction to Keywords

    In this unit you will learn about keyword research, keyword selection, keyword planner tool, keyword match type, negative keywords, negative keywords list, Search terms etc.

    Total Videos 4

  • Unit 3rd

    1 hr 25 Minutes

    Introduction to Ads & Extensions

    In this unit you will learn about Google Ads Format overview, Responsive search Ad, Dynamic search Ad, Responsive display Ad, Call Ad, Google Ads Extension overview, Sitelink Extension, Call extension, Structured Snippet extension, Price, Promo, Lead form extension, Keyword insertion, countdown, location insertion etc.

    Total Videos 16

  • Unit 4th

    30 Minutes

    Bidding Strategies

    This unit will tell you what is Manual CPC, Maximize clicks, Maximize conversions, Maximize conversions Value, Target impression share, Target CPA, Target ROAS, Enhanced CPC, CPM bidding, CPV bidding etc.

    Total Videos 10

  • Unit 5th

    1h 15 Minutes

    Introduction to display network

    In this unit you will learn about Display Network Overview, Display targeting- Affinity, Demographic, Detailed Demographics, In-Market, Life events, Topics, Placement, Keywords, Custom Audience, Combined Audience, Standard Display Campaign creation, Smart Display Campaign creation, Gmail Campaign creation.

    Total Videos 14

  • Unit 6th

    25 Minutes

    Introduction to conversion tracking

    During this unit you will learn what is Conversion Tracking & how to setup Conversion tracking, Website conversion tracking, App conversion tracking, Phone call conversions, Import Google Analytics, Conversion Action sets, Setup Conversion tracking.

    Total Videos 7

  • Unit 7th

    40 Minutes

    Introduction to Remarketing

    In this unit you will learn about Remarketing Overview, Audience Manager, Remarketing Campaign Creation, App users, Youtube remarketing, Customer list , Custom Combination are the topics that you will cover in it.

    Total Videos 7

  • Unit Unit 8th

    1 hr 15 Minutes

    Introduction to Video Ads

    In this unit you will learn about Youtube Instream Ad Campaign Creation, Video discovery Ad Campaign Creation, Bumper Ad Creation, Outstream Ad Campaign Creation, 15 Sec Non-Skippable Ad Campaign creation, Ad Sequence Campaign Creation.

    Total Videos 6

  • Unit 9th

    25 Minutes

    Introduction to shopping Ads

    This unit defines what is Shopping Ads, What are Google Merchant Centre Account, How to create Google Merchant Centre Account, & how to create Shopping Ad Campaign that you are required.

    Total Videos 3

  • Unit 10th

    15 Minutes

    Introduction to Performance Max

    In this unit you will learn what is Performance Max, Benefits of Performance Max, How Performance Max Works, How to start using Performance Max & Success stories of Performance Max etc.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 11th

    25 Minutes

    Introduction Mobile app Campaign, Smart Campaign, Discovery Campaign

    During this unit you are going to learn about Universal App Campaign Creation, Smart Campaign creation and Discovery Campaign Creation.

    Total Videos 3

  • Unit 12th

    10 Minutes

    Introduction to reports

    In this unit you will learn about How we use Reports in Google Ads. You will also learn Predefined reports, Saved reports, its Dashboard.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 13th

    10 Minutes

    Introduction to shared library

    In this unit you will learn about Portfolio Bid, strategies used for Portfolio Bid, what are Shared Budgets, Locations Groups, Placement Exclusion Lists and how they work.

    Total Videos 4

  • Unit 14th

    30 Minutes

    Introduction to Bulk action

    In this unit you will learn about Bulk Action. Bulk action’s component- Automated rules, how rules work, how will you add rules, what are script, types of script, use of scripts etc.

    Total Videos 2

  • Unit 15th

    15 Minutes

    Introduction To Planning

    In this unit you will learn what is keyword planner, what are its tools, use of keyword planner & how can we use it . You will also learn about Ad preview & Diagnosis tools, how can we use all these tools during our ad campaign.

    Total Videos 2

  • Unit 16th

    30 Minutes

    Introduction to More tools

    In this unit you will learn about Business Data- Ad Customizers, Ad customizers creation, what is Business Data- Page feed, Dynamic Ad Feed. We have also discussed Policy Manager, Access & Security, Linked Accounts, Preferences.

    Total Videos 5

  • Unit 17th

    10 Minutes

    Drafts & Experiments

    In this unit you will see how we can use the Draft & Experiment feature in Google Ad account, how to build experiments using it. We will also discuss Bidding Strategy change, Add Audience Targeting, Create a new Ad, adding more keywords and Create callout extensions.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 18th

    6 Minutes

    Introduction to Billing

    This unit explains all about the Billing part on an Ad account like- ways of happening billing (Manual billing, Automatic billing & Monthly billing) and how to use all these.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 19th

    5 Minutes

    Introduction to Google Ads Editor

    In this unit you will learn about Google Ads Editor, and its practical implementations.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 20th

    3 Minutes

    Introduction to Manager account

    In this unit you will learn about Manager account & My Client Centre Overview, its use and how it benefits an organisation.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 21th

    4 Minutes

    Google Ads Online resources

    In this unit you will learn about various Google Ads Online resources you can make use while managing your Ad account. We have discussed Google Ads Help Centre, Policy help center, Google Ads Blog, Search Engine land. After this unit you will be able to use all the resources effectively.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 4th

    50 Minutes

    Stage 3- Ideate

    In this unit you will learn about Ideate stage of Design thinking. It includes what is Information Architecture, its stages- Card Sorting, Organisation systems, Navigation System, Search system, Label system, Site Map, User flow. You will also learn the difference between Information architecture & UX, Principle of Information architecture and how to design Information Architecture.

    Total Videos 3

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