Instagram Organic Growth

The complete course to organic growth on Instagram

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Skills you will get

Top 4 Highly In Demand Skills that are taught in this course.

  • course_icon Content Creation and Ideas

    You will get the ways to bring unlimited content ideas and build a strong feed.

  • course_icon Community building

    You will be able to build a strong community for your business.

  • course_icon SEO

    Learn optimizing your instagram profile for increasing the reach.

  • course_icon Creative writing

    Learn how to create creative captions, tittle and hashtags for your posts.

Course program:

All course - 5 ( 1.5 Hours)

The course aims to make you achieve organic growth on Instagram at a beginner and intermediate level in which you will learn the complete basics such as profile set-up, using keywords and uploads that set up your Instagram account for success. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to understand the kinds of instagram accounts, use keywords in your instagram content, come up with a content plan & content calendar, master the art of visuals, manage your instagram account, understand how organic growth happens and grow your instagram account organically. This course also emphasizes videos – the format Instagram algorithm supports at the moment and how to leverage it for organic Instagram growth.

  • Unit 1st

    6 Minutes

    Introduction of the course

    This unit gives a brief about the modules that are included in this course, what are the things that you will learn and what are the skills that you will get after this course.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 2nd

    27 Minutes

    Optimizing your profile

    You will learn how to optimize your profile to become more discoverable. You will learn what is a business & creator account, importance of profile picture, writing a good bio, what are story highlights, choose who to follow etc.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 3rd

    17 Minutes

    SEO & Copywriting

    This unit tells you about SEO of Instagram, how keywords & hashtags work in instagram, choosing right keywords and hashtags. You will also learn about copywriting, how to become an effective copywriter for instagram.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 4th

    26 Minutes

    Content strategy

    In this unit we have discussed the strategies for crafting content with the help of various steps like- defining your Business & Instagram Objective, understanding your audience, who & why are you targeting that audience, creating content buckets, creating content planner, having visual brand identity.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 6th

    9 Minutes

    Sustaining your Instagram growth

    This unit tells what is Instagram Community, how to create an engaging community on instagram, and the benefits of having a community. We have also mentioned some free tools that will surely help you in your instagram growth journey.

    Total Videos 1

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