Learn Maya Software

Learn Basic tools of Maya Software to understand 3D designing and how to render a Product through this software.

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Skills you will get

Top 4 Highly In Demand Skills that are taught in this course.

  • course_icon Product Designing

    Learn to design a basic product and rendering the output

  • course_icon Modelling & sculpting of 3D objects

    Learn basic tools including modelling, rendering, shading

  • course_icon 3D Designing

    Learn 3D designing & how it works

  • course_icon Maya Software

    Learn Autodesk maya Basics

Course program:

All course - 5 ( 3 Hours)

This course will help you learn about Maya Software. Maya is a 3D computer graphics software that is commonly used in film, video game development, and other forms of digital media. This course covers topics such as the interface and basic navigation of the software, Modeling and sculpting of 3D objects, Texturing, lighting, and rendering which will help you in designing a basic product as an output.

  • Unit 1st

    12 Minutes

    Installation & Introduction to Maya

    Learn the installation process of maya software which will vary depending on your operating system and the version of Maya you are installing which have been covered here. All about the Maya interface including the Perspective view, which is the main 3D viewport, and the Hypergraph, which shows the relationships between different elements in the scene are explained.

    Total Videos 2

  • Unit 2nd

    1 Hour 25 Minutes

    Curve, Surfaces & Creation using Poly Modelling

    This unit helps you learn about curves & surfaces and also about Polygon modeling which is a technique used in Maya to create 3D models by building them up from individual polygons. All the basic workflow for polygon modeling in Maya is covered.

    Total Videos 3

  • Unit 3rd

    52 Minutes

    Shading & lightning your Objects

    In Maya, shading and lighting are used to give 3D models a realistic appearance. Here we learn the aspects of shading your object, the rules of shading and how to use it on your model. Also this covers the basics of lighting, its properties and use to give your model a realistic appearance.

    Total Videos 2

  • Unit 4th

    19 Minutes

    Process of Rendering any object

    This covers the process of rendering an object - the final output of our project. We have covered about our arnold rendering engine and how we can render objects with using arnold ,with basic settings , different file format , render size ,and how we can change the quality of render and how to do fast render for a preview.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 5th

    45 Minutes

    Create a Final Project

    So in this unit we are going to learn how we can create any small object, interior & other things. Here we are going to use all our tools, from polygon to rendering, so you can create some of your own objects with this and how we can manage shape ,space and other basic information.

    Total Videos 1

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