Photoshop Easy

This course is designed to take you from an absolute beginner to a super Designer.

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Skills you will get

Top 4 Highly In Demand Skills that are taught in this course.

  • course_icon Tools and Tricks

    learn about the photoshop tools and their usage in making your art.

  • course_icon Reference Websites for Stocks

    Learn to find and use stock imagery and assets.

  • course_icon Photo Editing

    Learn to edit and enhance images

  • course_icon Graphic Designing

    Learn to design visually engaging graphics

Course program:

All course - 4 ( 1 Hour)

In this course you will learn everything about the basic tools of Photoshop, you will learn clipping masks, layer masks, selection tools. You will learn how to remove background from the most complex compositions like curly hair. You will learn how to remove objects from a scene Professionally. You will learn how to change and adjust the colors and how to make your own color look. For photographers, you are going to master Camera Raw Filter which is an alternative to Adobe Lightroom. You will learn how to work with text and use it for beautiful Artworks. You will learn how to work with 3D. You will learn how to make beautiful looks using layer styles. By the end of the basic part, you will master the Adobe Photoshop CC like a good designer and you will have dozens of artworks to add to your CV.

  • Unit 1st

    3 Minutes

    Understanding Photoshop

    The course begins with introducing the instructor and making you familiar with the concept and technicalities of Photoshop. This initial unit will help you out understand the theory of Photoshop

    Total Videos 2

  • Unit 2nd

    28 Minutes

    Technical Adaptability

    In this unit you will learn extremely crucial things in detail like concept and usage of photoshop tools, Healing brush and Clone stamp Tools, clipping masks, and removing background. This unit of 4 important videos will actually help you accelerate your journey as a photoshop artist.

    Total Videos 4

  • Unit 3rd

    12 Minutes

    The world of reference

    In this unit we have shared some amazing websites with you to download necessary items from. These websites will help you download background and vectors that will help you imbibe interesting creativity to your art.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 4th

    25 Minutes

    Step by Step Tutorial

    In this unit you will be taught about the step by step guide to create an appealing poster or a thumbnail. This unit comprises two dedicated videos to give you the apt knowledge. And, not only this you will also learn the technicalities of saving or exporting the video.

    Total Videos 3

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