UI/UX Design Course

You will learn the concepts of UX research, design thinking, UI prototyping and styling, information architecture and user flow designing.

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Skills you will get

Top 4 Highly In Demand Skills that are taught in this course.

  • course_icon Graphic Designing

    Learn to design visually engaging graphics

  • course_icon Figma

    Learn to use the Figma Application for designing UI & UX

  • course_icon UI/ UX

    Learn all about designing UI & UX.

  • course_icon Critical thinking & Problem solving

    The ability to analyze and interpret financial data

  • course_icon Book Building

    Learn the components of writing a book & tips to design them

Course program:

All course - 10 ( 5.75 Hours)

The course is divided into different modules. In the first you will learn about the introduction of UX and its stages. In the next modules, the steps of UX designing are described in brief. After that you will learn about the introduction of UI and Figma, Web designing, grid system, Interaction Heavy vs Text Heavy websites, Wireframing and Prototyping.

  • Unit 1st

    18 Minutes

    Introduction of UX

    This unit explains the definition of UX, Elements of UX designs- Desirable, Delightful, Useful, Learnable, Memorable, Effective, Efficient, What is Design thinking, Stages of Design Thinking- Discover, Define, Ideate, Design, Test.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 2nd

    27 Minutes

    Stage 1- Discover Empathize

    This unit explains the first step of Design thinking i.e Discover. Meaning of Discover Empathize, Parts of discovering- Problem statement, User research, Solution proposed, what is the main goal of your business, what problem does your product resolve, what is your business unique value proposition, what metrics do you have etc.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 3rd

    30 Minutes

    Stage 2- Define

    In this unit the defining process and its substeps- Design Strategy, Persona Interview, Empathy Mapping are discussed. We have also discussed designing strategy stages like- learn business, understand user, define brand, priority goals, how to create user persona and Story boarding & Its elements.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 5th

    7 Minutes

    Stage 4- Design & Stage 5- Test

    This unit describes the last 2 stages of UX. This unit consists of designing prototype, Wireframing, types of Wireframe- Low fidelity, Mid fidelity, High fidelity, All about feedbacks & reviews

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 6th

    56 Minutes

    Introduction to UI

    This unit includes the difference between UI & UX, about Figma Application. In this unit you will also get to know how to install & setting up Figma on your system. After that we will start understanding figma, Its features, tools, how to create frames, how to rename frames, how to duplicate, delete and group frames, Dimensions & colors of frames.

    Total Videos 3

  • Unit 7th

    10 Minutes

    Figma Plugins and Figma Mirror

    Figma Plugins and Figma Mirror

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 8th

    1 Hour

    Web Designing

    This unit tells us about Web designing, how to set up a website, layout of websites, Grid systems, Interaction heavy vs Text Heavy website, Navigation of website, adding text, Images & Videos, Header & Footer of Website, Alignment of buttons etc. After that we have described how to Export your work.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 9th

    23 Minutes


    In this unit you will learn what is Prototyping, its necessity, what is Micro interactions in a website and how to use them, what is wireframing and how to use wireframes.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 10th

    56 Minutes

    Application Designing

    In this unit we will start designing our application. We have create a complete tutorials of designing application. We have also discussed Mid Fidelity wireframes and High Fidelity Wireframes. And after this unit you are able to create a basic UI design for any app or website.

    Total Videos 1

  • Unit 11th

    5 Minutes

    Bonus- UI & UX 101

    This is a Bonus Unit which includes some 101 of UI and UX. we have shared some Myths & Facts about UI and UX which will surely help you in your journey.

    Total Videos 1

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